Digital Portrait Commissions

Create seven unique portraits of some of the most prominent and influential figures in the Geospatial Imaging industry for placement in boardrooms in the NGIS’s new headquarters in Bethesda, MD.
By using a combination of old photographs, archived maps/topography and hand-drawn elements, I was able to use Adobe Illustrator to create a cohesive body of images that each in its own tells a story.
By combining extensive research and careful conceptualization with technical graphic implementation I was able to provide a meaningful and engaging body of work for the client that has become more than a mere homage to these icons in their field. 
The story behind these images
Through researching each contributing member’s professional history and work, I was able to incorporate topographic elements specific to their own professional work and personal life.

LUNDAHL copyA great example of this is the portrait of Arthur Lundahl.  During his career with the NGIS, he engineered the technology behind satellite reconnaissance photography that captured the aerial photographs of Cuba that ultimately led to the Cuban Missile Crisis.  The map used in his portrait is none other than a 1960’s map of the location of one of these photos.

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Project Details

  • Category: Creative
  • Client: National Geospatial Imaging Institute